A cold shiver down the spine,

Cupboard doors slam,

“Did you see that!?”


Was it a hallucination?

From the shadows of your imagination,

Are you being watched?

“Dont be afraid!”

The sun will soon rise.

Scrap Ghosts!

Scrap brings together found and original fragments of every kind; drawings, prose, images, rubbish and other things.

This issue focuses on the lingering fear of Ghosts, that beyond reason and contrary to science, thrills us. As an unexplained sound echoes in our mind, and a half seen figure forces us to take shelter under the smouldering duvet, a malevolent ghost prepares to throw your belongings across the room.

With Contributions by Matt Ager, Steven Fowler, Luke Frost, Christopher P. Green, Ed Hadfield, Nick Jeffrey, Zsófia Keresztes, Scott Kibblewhite, Ashley Kinnard, Bex Massey, Stuart Middleton, Cemal Okten, Craig David Parr, Victor Payares, Laurence Price, Susan Rocklin, Neil Rumming, Chris Thompson, Francis Thorburn, Sam Winston and featuring images from the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature at Senate House Library, University of London.


You can purchase this issue of Scrap online or at selected independent book shops.

Scrap Ghosts!
52 Pages
Mix of black and colour print
202mm x 147mm
Staple bound



Graphic design & development by Ashley Kinnard